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While working at Harland Clarke I worked on two client sites for Walmart. However, when Harland Clarke migrated the Walmart Stationery site to an Oracle ATG platform, I inherited the project two months before launch. When I took over the project we quickly realized that there were some critical UX issues that had not been addressed.

Save and Share was one of the most important and largest of the oversights, as it was a key feature that drove conversion on the previous platform. Of the users who utilized Save and Share, those users were 30% more likely to complete the purchase funnel. The new platform presented an opportunity to add additional functionality, and also to position the Save and Share feature to increase user engagement of the feature.

Save and Share Comments

The Save and Share feature flow allowed for users who were personalizing a stationery product to elicit feedback from their friends via a system email sent from the personalization portion of the site. It also served as a marketing function for site awareness and increased the site’s social reach.

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I also added some UX updates to the stationery configurator as well during this period. The goal was to reduce drop off and user frustration during stationery personalization. Also we needed a better way to introduce cross sells. Typically the user would choose a wedding invitation and not return to the product page for additional items such as RSVP cards and thank you notes. Showcasing the additional items in a design suite not only informed the user of additional items but allowed them to re-enter the stationery configurator with persistent personalization data.

Walmart Configurator

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