Walmart / CITM Personalization

Working for Harland Clarke I redesigned the checking personalization flow, in order to decrease dropoff, increase usability, and improve the overall user experience. Check personalization presented a number of issues — the foremost being that the number sequence is long and needed to be properly broken down into components that were easy to understand. The second issue is that when presenting all of the options of personalization at once, it felt arduous and overwhelming to the user.


By color coding the MICR line with corresponding colored text fields, the personalization process became easier and the rate of remakes due to user error decreased. Email and phone number allowed for re-targeting if the user dropped off during the personalization process. Breaking the process out into three steps, in tabs, allowed for the user to see all areas of personaliztion grouped into one page but in sizable chunks, and allowed for the user to go back and forth to make adjustments without leaving the page. The check design that they had chosen was also placed into the personalization page, to give the user a better understanding of what the final product would look like.